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  • Dead after having ingested almost 800g of drugs

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    You remember the story of this 25 year old man who died after biting passenger on an Aer Lingus flight ?

    While the issue could arise a few days ago, it was discovered that it was not an invasion of zombies but drug trafficking between Lisbon and Dublin. The Brazilian John Santos Gurjão carried “in him” almost 800g of cocaine. The autopsy, performed at the Hospital of the University of Cork, has indeed revealed 80 wrapped pellets inside his stomach, some of which burst.

    Facts :

    The Aer Lingus plane was on its way to Dublin when the man began to seem uncomfortable according to some passengers. Starting to look “very unwell”, he tried to make his way to the toilets over the seats to avoid the crew serving refreshments.
    Once at the back of the plane, he collapsed in front of the toilets. Immediately the captain put a call out for doctors. Following this, several people stepped in to handle the situation.
    As they surrounded him, the young Brazilian started convulsing. As they tried to restrain him, he managed to bite one of the passengers around him.
    The plane was diverted to Cork and despite the efforts of volunteers, the man was declared dead on arrival.
    Doctors responsible for making the analysis, confirmed the presence of more than 80 small powder packets that the man would obviously ingested. The value of the transported drugs is reported at € 56,000.


    A woman on board was also arrested but her relationship with the deceased is still unclear. Passengers would still have the young man with her at the airport of Lisbon. Police said she was carrying 1.8 kg of what is likely to be cocaine. She is currently questioned by the service orders.

    According to Mashable, Aer Lingus have no further statement to make at this point.

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