Refund My Ticket


Our Purpose

The globalized world in which we live has seen numerous giant economic entities emerge, in front of which we are often left disoriented when the time comes to enforce our rights.

Passenger transportation is one of the sectors that is the most concerned by these changes. The continued growth of air traffic combined with the current pressure on prices has led to the steady degradation of the quality of service and customer experience. In that context, the European Union and the United States have tried to clarify the possible recourses for passengers who are victims of such problems when travelling.

In spite of these efforts on the regulatory context, passengers feel regularly helpless in front of the large transportation companies. Each year, millions of euros worth of indemnities and refunds are left unclaimed by clients of airline companies.

Our Mission

Claim assistance helps passengers who are victims of the following events :

  • Delayed flight,
  • Cancelled flight,
  • Overbooked flight,
  • Missed flight,
  • Lost luggage,
  • Damaged luggage,

In that regard, we have a double purpose : (i) on one hand, we try to clarify the rules that apply in order to allow passengers to know their rights and (ii) on the other hand, we take the necessary steps to obtain the refunds due by the airlines in line with the regulatory framework currently in force.

Our Method

Thanks to (i) our team of experimented developers, (ii) our in-depth knowledge of the transportation sector and (iii) our network of International lawyers, we built the tools that enable us to identify, check, validate and launch the refund processes, while perfectly following the relevant legal rules.

In addition, in case of litigation or of proven bad will of the company, our team of lawyers will not hesitate to launch the required legal prosecutions in front of any jurisdiction. This way, we can guarantee to our clients that all necessary efforts will be made to help them get their refunds as swiftly as possible.