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One of your flights has been cancelled, delayed or overbooked ?

Get a compensation of up to €600
thanks to our 3min process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose RefundMyTicket instead of doing it by myself ?

RefundMyTicket has access to various flight data and other databases regarding flight movements, weather and strike reports, as well as legal case databases dealing with European and national case law.
With our in-depth knowledge of the transportation sector and our network of international lawyers, we possess the tools that enable us to identify, check, validate and launch the compensation process, all while following the relevant legal framework.
In the event of litigation or of proven bad will of the company, we have partnerships with European lawyers who will not hesitate to launch the required legal prosecutions in front of any jurisdiction. This way, we can guarantee to our clients that all necessary efforts will be made to help them get their compensation as swiftly as possible.


How long will my claim take ?

The processing time depends on each individual case. We have had cases that were resolved within a few weeks and other cases took more than a year. It depends on each airlines’ processing policies. So it is not possible to predict how long the entire process will take. Nonetheless, our goal at RefundMyTicket is to deal with the complaint in the most efficient and fastest way.

Is RefundMyTicket a service from airlines ?

RefundMyTicket helps passengers who suffered from a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight but is not a service from an airline. Our enterprise works independently and tries to help the damaged passengers getting their compensation. A compensation which is, most of the time, difficult to get.


How much would you charge ?

RefundMyTicket works on a “No Win No Fee” basis. This means we charge nothing for handling your claim against the airline. When we win your case, we will keep 18% of the total compensation to cover the costs involved in claiming.


If the prosecution failed, who pays the extra costs ?

RefundMyTicket uses a “No win, no fee” principle. This means that if our intervention does not produce a successful outcome, you owe us nothing regardless of the time and efforts we spent on your case.
This applies to both the amicable and judicial step. Therefore, regardless of the outcome of the trial, RefundMyTicket will pay all the costs.


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A chaotic summer announced for both passengers and airlines

Considering the impact the pandemic had on air traffic, lots of people decided to postpone their traveling plans for the last two summers.Unfortunately, different factors are going to make this summer a nightmare for the 150 million passengers on the 700 000 flights planned for July and August, either departing from or arriving in France. 90% of travelers of 2019…

Can airlines refuse to compensate passengers because they haven’t kept their boarding pass? The European Court of Justice rules in favor of the passengers.

Press Communicate – Paris, 26 October 2019 On 24 October 2019, the European Court of Justice has ruled in favor of passengers who are victims of delayed flights. The decision was welcomed by RefundMyTicket, a start-up that supports passengers in getting compensation for their delayed or cancelled flights, and results from over a year’s persistent work by French lawyer, Ms…

2018 Airlines ranking based on the operational reliability

Main learnings: The number of air passengers affected by delays or cancellations increased by 2 million in 2017, to reach 16.1 million people. Almost €6.2 billion compensation could be paid by the airlines according to the 261/2004 regulation. The 5 biggest active airlines in Europe are the least reliables; and most of the low-cost airlines stand out by their punctuality….

A Tunis Air flight delayed by more than 24h !

On Wednesday, August 13, the forty passengers of the Paris-Sfax flight provided by the company Tunis Air had a nasty surprise: the flight was delayed by more than 24h. The flight was scheduled to depart on Tuesday 12 August around 14h.   Flight delay caused by a technical issue The company explained…

Air Berlin's bankruptcy

After long and negotiations, Air Berlin finally filed for bankruptcy yesterday, Tuesday 15 August. In the middle of summer, the airline that had made a fortune by making flights to Majorca, a very popular destination in Germany, is obliged to cease its activities.   A complicated financial situation The German company has been in debt for almost a billion euros…

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