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  • 2018 Airlines ranking based on the operational reliability

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    Main learnings: The number of air passengers affected by delays or cancellations increased by 2 million in 2017, to reach 16.1 million people. Almost €6.2 billion compensation could be paid by the airlines according to the 261/2004 regulation. The 5 biggest active airlines in Europe are the least reliables; and most of the low-cost airlines […]

  • A Tunis Air flight delayed by more than 24h !

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    Tunisair 24h Delayed Flight

    On Wednesday, August 13, the forty passengers of the Paris-Sfax flight provided by the company Tunis Air had a nasty surprise: the flight was delayed by more than 24h. The flight was scheduled to depart on Tuesday 12 August around 14h.   Flight delay caused by a technical issue The company explained this delay by […]

  • Air Berlin’s bankruptcy

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    After long and negotiations, Air Berlin finally filed for bankruptcy yesterday, Tuesday 15 August. In the middle of summer, the airline that had made a fortune by making flights to Majorca, a very popular destination in Germany, is obliged to cease its activities.   A complicated financial situation The German company has been in debt […]

  • Delay caused by a naked passenger

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    A naked passenger provoke a flight delay The passengers of Saturday’s flight from Las Vagas to Oakland, had a little surprise at the time of boarding. Indeed, a passenger of Spirit Airlines undress himself and approached a board agent completely naked .   The police quickly went to the scene and arrested the man for […]

  • A TUI plane delayed by 19 hours

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    Huge delay for a TUI flight this thursday   July 27th – This Thursday, a plane of the airline TUI which started from Catane, in Sicily, to go to Brussels, was obliged to turn around and to land in Catane, yesterday evening because of a technical issue. The 189 passengers of the flight, expected several […]

  • Warning : Hop! is starting a strike !

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    Starting tomorrow, pilots of Hop!, Air France’s subsidiary are on strike for 4 days. This social movement has a strong risk to lead to many flights delays and cancellations, especially because of the important holidays departure of French people.   Strike causes Despite intense negotiations between SNPL Hop! (the pilots’ union) and the direction of […]

  • Roland Garros is launching operation Sourire Tranche Papaye

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    Roland Garros airport is the most important of the Réunion. With 2 million of passengers by year, it is also one of the most important of the area: most of flights between Europe and this part of Indian Ocean are passing by Roland Garros and half of the flights are operating by Air Austral, the […]

  • Lufthansa: the strike will continue tomorrow

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    The German airline plans to cancel more than 900 flights tomorrow.   The pilot strike is raging at Lufthansa and the social deadlock will continue tomorrow: the union of pilots has decided to continue the strike this Thursday, November the 24th. Nearly 900 flights have already been canceled today, and 900 flights will also be canceled tomorrow. […]

  • The most comfortable airline is also the funniest

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    AirlineRatings recently ranked the best airlines on their comfort.   The website took everything into consideration: the seats, the distance between two seats, the meals, the screens, the service, the blankets… As most of our clients are Economy Class passengers, we will consider Air New Zealand as the winner. To get an overview of the best airlines’ […]

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