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  • A Tunis Air flight delayed by more than 24h !

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    Tunisair 24h Delayed Flight

    Tunisair 24h Delayed Flight

    On Wednesday, August 13, the forty passengers of the Paris-Sfax flight provided by the company Tunis Air had a nasty surprise: the flight was delayed by more than 24h. The flight was scheduled to depart on Tuesday 12 August around 14h.


    Flight delay caused by a technical issue

    The company explained this delay by a technical problem on their aircraft which should have been settled before the planned departure, but it was not ready. It was at the end of the afternoon that the company learned of the reason: a piece was missing to ensure the repair.

    Finally Tunis Air was forced to rent a plane to one of its subsidiaries Jet Time, a Danish company, because high season obligates, the Tunisian company had no more plane available.


    The flight was delayed several times

    On the other side the passengers are exhausted. The company did not inform them of the situation, even though it housed and fed them. The airline has postponed the flight many times before passengers can actually board 24 hours later than the initial flight.

    Initially, the flight was delayed by 2 hours. However after 2h, the check-in is still not open and the passengers do not know how long they will wait. At 06:30 pm they were told that the flight would leave at 20:30.

    Again, the flight is delayed. If some passengers take a flight to Tunis (no solution provided by the company to reach Sphax), the others continue to wait.

    The company gives the passengers a rendezvous at 10:30 pm for boarding, and shifts this schedule shortly after 9:30 am the next day.

    Finally, the flight will leave with more than 24h delay. According to the European regulation, each passenger is eligible to receive 400 € compensation provided they keep all their boarding pass or confirmation of booking.

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