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  • Airlines are charging for almost everything

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    Ryanair extra fees

    Airlines try to get to the better price. But sometimes at the expense of the passengers.


    With the emergence of low-cost airlines, in most of the planes, it’s now common to pay to get a sandwich, a soda or an extra-weighed luggage.

    The motto is simple: it’s normal not to pay for things you don’t need. And the customers rather pay a lower price even for less service. But, maybe, it’s going too far!


    United Airlines recently decided to ban the free use of overhead bins. It became the first US airline to prevent its customers the use of overhead bins.

    Basic economy United’s passengers will have to pay extra fees to get on board with carry-on luggages. Moreover, they won’t have the choice to get a good seat: it’ll be given just before boarding the flight. They will also board the plane last.

    All of this will reduce the price of the United’s flight tickets. But the future passengers have to be aware of all the rules and extra fees they could have to pay.

    Last October, Ryanair also announced some new rules: the check-in has been reduced from 7 to 4 days before the flight, and the seat won’t be assigned by the airline. For this reason, the travelers will have to do their check-in online during their holidays for their return flight.


    We give you some advices:

    • Don’t forget to do your check-in on time
    • Read the rules on extra fees before going to the airport
    • Well prepare your luggage and pay extra fees before if it’s necessary
    • Pack your own meal, pillow and entertainment (computer, tablet, book…)


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