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  • Warning : Hop! is starting a strike !

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    Starting tomorrow, pilots of Hop!, Air France’s subsidiary are on strike for 4 days. This social movement has a strong risk to lead to many flights delays and cancellations, especially because of the important holidays departure of French people.


    Strike causes

    Despite intense negotiations between SNPL Hop! (the pilots’ union) and the direction of Hop!, there is no compromise. Indeed, the union, which represents 57% of the pilot’s airline, wished the implantation of a unique convention for the whole company. It reports that the pilots’ crew deals with difficult working conditions such as an important tiredness, the lack of harmonization between former companies and the fact that a lot of pilots are transferred to Air France with none anticipation leading regularly to an under numbers of staff.


    The strike takes place from 13th of July to 18th of July and the airlines assures that at least 80% of the flights will be operates. For instance, La Navette (which connects Paris to Bordeaux, Nice, Toulouse and Marseille) will operates normally as the airlines announces in a press release. Contrariwise, regional flights will be the more affected by the strike and risks a lot of delays and cancellations.


    What happen if your flight is cancelled or delayed?

    Because it is a airline’s strike, it is responsible in case of flights delays or cancellations. So you are entitled to a financial compensation of 250€ if you arrives at your destination more than 3 hours after the planned arrival and 400€ after 4 hours. However, the airline has to offer you food, beverage and the opportunity of call or e-mail two people after 2 hours of wait, as it is wrote in the European Regulation 261/2004.


    If, sadly, your plane if concerned by this strike and your arrival is 3 hours later than planned, please think to keep your boarding pass and/or travel confirmation, you will need it for making your claim. Also, keep your receipts in case the company doesn’t offers you what you need in order to get a refund.

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