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  • A TUI plane delayed by 19 hours

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    Huge delay for a TUI flight this thursday


    July 27th – This Thursday, a plane of the airline TUI which started from Catane, in Sicily, to go to Brussels, was obliged to turn around and to land in Catane, yesterday evening because of a technical issue. The 189 passengers of the flight, expected several hours a hotel to spend the night. Nevertheless, all the passengers could be in their room arounf 3:00 of the morning.


    Florence Bruyère, the French spokeperson of the airline, explains that this consequent delay for the passengers was due to technical incident: “several hours were passed, before we could analyze the breakdown carries out the checking techniques. »


    A plane of replacement is planned today at 15:40, involving for the passengers a delay of more than 19 hours.


    This is the second important delay for TUI this week

    It is the second time this week which it arrives such an important delay for TUI. Tuesday, not less than 100 passengers saw their plane landing in Malaga due to engineering problems again. Indeed, the flight which started from Faro, in Portugal to go to Brussels, to Belgium, of TUI of July 25th, 2017 was constrained to land in Malaga, Spain for the same reasons as the flight Catane-Brussels. This time situation the situation was not been very well taken by the airline since the flight had been deferred several times in the evening and the night of Tuesday.


    The German airline which total 77000 employees and 16.35 billion euros in the world, knows impressive delays increasingly frequent.

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