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Question about my specific case

I am under 18, can I claim?

According to European regulation n°261/2004, children aged two years or more may also receive compensation. However, it is important to remember that minors are not allowed to sign a mandate to RefundMyTicket.  Therefore, their mandate must be signed by their parents. Consequently, we invite you to provide us your family book and specify in the “comments” section that you are the legal representative of the minor passenger.

I am not an European citizen, can I claim?

According to EU regulation, a non-European citizen can also make a claim. The only thing that matters is the localisation of your flight’s departure and arrival.

Do not hesitate to make a claim with RefundMyTicket.!

The company I flew with is not European. Can I claim?

According to the EU regulation, you can claim even with a non-European airline company but only if your flight’s departure is located in an EU Member State.

This means that if you are departing from an airport outside the EU with a flight operated by a non-European company, you are not eligible to make a claim.

I bought a ticket from an airline company but my flight was operated by another airline company.

When the flight is operated by another company that the one you bought your ticket from, this is commonly referred to as a “code-share agreement” which is an arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. A ticket can therefore be purchased from an airline on a flight that is actually operated by another airline under a different flight number.

Code-share agreements are an important detail if you are flying into the EU and affects eligibility. If this is the case, do not hesitate to make a claim with RefundMyTicket.

I had to take another airline or form of transport to reach my destination.

EU regulation is not completely clear on this topic but we try to get from the airlines the reimbursement of these extra costs.

So, if you are forced to take another airline or form of transport to reach your final destination, do not hesitate to send us the relevant supporting documents.

Do you also manage the reimbursement of my cancelled flight ticket?

RefundMyTicket does not process your reimbursement claims.

It should be noted that pursuant to EU regulation, at your request, the airline company has to reimburse you for the cancelled or delayed flight (more than 5 hours at the departure) within 7 days.

The company tells me that it’s due to a technical problem so they are not responsible?

Airlines may refuse to compensate you by stating that the delay or cancellation is due to an extraordinary circumstance. This is a recurring and sometimes reasonable excuse invoked by airlines.

However, the EU regulation n°261/2004 compels the airline to provide proof of the existence of the extraordinary circumstances invoked.

Make your life easier and file a claim with RefundMyTicket.

The delay or cancellation happened on a flight outside of Europe, can I claim?

According to EU regulation, even if the delay occurred outside the EU, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

If the delay occurred at the departure of a flight outside an EU territory, then it is necessary for the airline to be European.

If the departure of the flight is situated in an EU territory, but the delay occurred during a stop outside the EU, you might be eligible if the time of arrival at your final destination is more than 3 hours than scheduled.

File a claim with RefundMyTicket.

I have already signed a contract with another claim agency, can I claim with you?

If you already signed a contract with another claim agency, you will have to resign your contract with them before making a claim with RefundMyTicket.

I have already made a claim directly with the airline, can I ask for your help?

Once you claim with RefundMyTicket and give us the power to file a claim on your behalf, we can pursue the claim you have initiated.

My delayed or cancelled flight was during a Business Trip, can I claim?

If you are a victim of a delayed/cancelled or overbooked flight during a Business trip, then you might be entitled to compensation. In this case, the question is: Who is entitled to receive the compensation?

Pursuant to EU regulation n°261/2004, the applicant and claimant must always be the passenger himself. Thus, the passenger has to fulfill a claim via RefundMyTicket and he/she will be the one to receive the compensation since he/she alone had to suffer consequences of the inconvenience caused by the airline.

But it shall be noted that the contract of employment between the passenger (here “employee”) and the employer can force the passenger to hand over the compensation to the employer.

What should I do if the company already offered me a compensation?

Most of the time, airlines “spontaneously” offer compensations that are far lower than the full amounts stipulated in EU regulation n°261/2004.

Therefore, we invite you to fulfil a claim on RefundMyTicket in case you received a travel voucher (refundable or not) or air miles. We will do our utmost in order to get a financial compensation on your behalf.

Am I entitled to get compensation even if I didn’t personally buy the plane ticket?

It is compulsory for the airline to  compensate the passenger who has suffered from flights being delayed, cancelled or overbooked. Thus, you can claim even if your ticket was bought by someone else.

Am I entitled to receive a compensation even if I arrived late for check-in?

In this case, the airline company is not responsible for the check-in delay. The airline is not forced to compensate you or allow you on board, unless you provide a legit proof.

Am I entitled to get a compensation for flights with low cost carriers or charter flights?

All flights are eligible for compensation, as long as they fall within the geographic boundaries fixed by the EU legislator: Arriving at an airport in an EU member State, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland with a community airline. Or leaving from an airport in an EU member State, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

I am not entitled to get a compensation but my flight fulfills all the required criteria. Why is this?

Except for cases of denied boarding, airline companies can avoid paying any compensation if they can prove that extraordinary circumstances caused the cancellation or the delay of the flight.

My flight was diverted. Can I claim?

A flight is diverted when it arrives at a different destination than the scheduled one.

In order to claim, the first thing you need to know is whether or not your initial flight meets the relevant criteria for compensation set out by European regulation n°261/2004: Your flight departed from an airport located in the territory of a Member State, or your flight departed from an airport in a third country to an airport situated in the territory of a Member State if operated with a community airline.

If so, it is also necessary that the delay of arrival at your final destination is equal or greater than 3 hours. If your delay is 3 hours or more and the diversion was not due to any extraordinary circumstance, you might be entitled to receive a compensation.

Make a claim with RefundMyTicket.

Is my flight eligible?

Your flight is eligible if it is conformed to the two criteria:

  1. Your flight suffered from a delay or a cancellation and your reached your final destination with more than 3 hours compared to the expected time
  2. Your flight was from a European Union country, OR to a European Union country and operated by a European airline

If you think that you are eligible and you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to make a test here.

Could RefundMyTicket help me with my train issue?

RefundMyTicket is only in charge of flights issues

Train issues must be handled directly with the train companies.

Could RefundMyTicket help me with my luggage issues?

RefundMyTicket is only in charge of flight issues.

The luggage issues should be fixed directly with the concerned airline.


My flight isn’t eligible, what should I do?

If your flight isn’t eligible to compensation according to the 261/2004 EU regulation, RefundMyTicket can’t help you with your proceedings.

However, you can claim directly on the airline’s website. Depending on the country, you could get vouchers.

Question about your compensation

How long does it take for you to transfer the compensation when my case is successful ?

When the airline pays by bank transfer or cheque, the compensation due to the passenger is sent after the expiration of the appeal period of six weeks.

The airline offered me a voucher, what should I do?

If the airline offers you direct payment, you must inform RefundMyTicket of the situation (in accordance with Article 14 of our Terms & Conditions) because it will impact our processing.

In addition, always keep in mind that voucher amounts are usually lower than the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Please always contact RefundMyTicket when you are contacted by the airline before accepting a voucher (refundable or not).

I received payment from the airline, do I have to accept it?

Sometimes, after we start claiming compensation from the airline you receive a direct answer from the company. If this happens, you have to inform as at RefundMyTicket as soon as possible. Always keep in mind that the compensation offered by the airline will be lower than the full amount stipulated in the EU regulation.

If you do accept the payment, we will send you an invoice for the costs we have incurred, in accordance with article 14 of our Terms & Conditions.

Please always contact RefundMyTicket when you are contacted by the airline before accepting any offers that are made.

The delay generated some additional expenses, can I get a refund?

EU regulation n°261/2004 sets out an obligation of care and assistance for all relevant airlines. For example, passengers shall be offered free of charges meals and refreshments.

However, it is frequently the case that airlines derogate from their obligation of care. When this happens, passengers are forced to personally incur additional costs for meals, refreshments or transport.

It is crucial in this case to keep invoices in order to be refunded by the operating carrier.

The delay of my flight made me lose some already paid services, can I get a refund?

Sometimes, a cancellation, delay or denied boarding can generate significant damage such as the loss of paid services.

If this happens, you have the opportunity to apply for a reimbursement in addition to the compensation due to you following the cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight.

In this case, it is necessary to send to RefundMyTicket proof of the services paid for, such as invoices, hotel booking confirmations, etc…

My trip back has been delayed so I missed some working days, can I be compensated?

It is not impossible that a cancellation, delay or denied boarding can generate significant damage such as the loss of a working day.

If this happens, you have the opportunity to apply for compensation in addition to the compensation due to you following the cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight.

In this case, you will have to send to RefundMyTicket a document signed by the employer evaluating the loss.

Questions about Claim Assistance

Who is Claim Assistance?

Claim Assistance, owner of the brands and publisher of the websites: and www., is a start-up launched in August 2014 by 3 experienced entrepreneurs coming from the digital world and aircraft industry.

Which situation justifies using RefundMyTicket?

In case of cancelled, delayed (3 hours at arrival) or overbooked flights: arriving at an airport in an EU Member State, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland with a community airline. Or leaving from an airport in an EU Member State, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

If your flight was cancelled, we invite you to consult your rights here.

If your flight was delayed, we invite you to consult your rights here.

If your flight was overbooked and you were denied boarding, we invite you to consult your rights here.

Why should I use RefundMyTicket?

RefundMyTicket has access to various flight data and other databases regarding flight movements, weather and strike reports, as well as legal case databases dealing with European and national case law.

With our in-depth knowledge of the transportation sector and our network of international lawyers, we possess the tools that enable us to identify, check, validate and launch the compensation process, all while following the relevant legal framework.

In the event of litigation or of proven bad will of the company, we have partnerships with European lawyers who will not hesitate to launch the required legal prosecutions in front of any jurisdiction. This way, we can guarantee to our clients that all necessary efforts will be made to help them get their compensation as swiftly as possible.

What is RefundMyTicket?

RefundMyTicket helps airline passengers that have experienced a delay or cancellation of their flight or have been denied boarding. Based on EU Regulation n°261/2004, RefundMyTicket helps passengers file a claim against the airline in order to get compensation.

Is RefundMyTicket a service from an airline?

RefundMyTicket helps passengers who suffered from a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight but is not a service from an airline. Our company works independently and tries to help passengers to get a compensation.

Questions about cost & fees

How much do you charge?

RefundMyTicket works on a “No Win No Fee” basis. This means we charge nothing for handling your claim against the airline. When we win your case, we will keep 18% of the total compensation when the claim is resolved amicably, and 25% of the total compensation when the claim is resolved after going to court.

If the prosecution failed, who pays the extra costs?

RefundMyTicket uses a “No win, no fee” principle. This means that if our intervention does not produce a successful outcome, you owe us nothing regardless of the time and efforts we spent on your case.

This applies to both the amicable and judicial step. Therefore, regardless of the outcome of the trial, RefundMyTicket will pay all the costs.

Do you attest that I won’t have any lawyer fee to pay?

In accordance with our terms and conditions, the principle of “no win, no fee” works for both the amicable and prosecution phases:

– You have nothing to pay to initiate proceedings

– You will have no legal fees to pay at the end of the prosecution phase, regardless of the outcome.

Questions about our mandate

Why should this mandate be signed?

The mandate is a necessary document that allows the processing of your claim by RefundMyTicket. This mandate (or power of attorney) authorizes RefundMyTicket to act on the behalf of the client for the pursuit of his/her claim.

With the mandate, RefundMyTicket can initiate, conduct and undertake every type of negotiation to collect the client’s compensation from the airline.

When should I sign the mandate.

Once you have claimed with RefundMyTicket, you will receive an invitation to sign a mandate (or power of attorney).

What is the duration of the mandate?

The power of attorney (or mandate) is effective during the processing of the case until you receive your compensation from RefundMyTicket.

In addition, the client can revoke the power of attorney with a written document.

How to sign the mandate?

The mandate is sent by email via Docusign. Once you receive the email, you can find a link that allows you to complete and sign the mandate! Once signed, it will automatically appear on your personal area.

For the minors, the mandate should be completed at the minor’s name but signed by one of his parents.

Questions about the claim form

Where can I find my booking reference?

If you received an eTicket via e-mail, your booking reference is the six-character alphanumeric code that appears to the right of the booking reference field. It will begin with B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, K or L.

It can also be found on the itinerary/receipt you received after completing your booking.

What is the difference between the booking reference and the eTicket number?

Just like the booking reference, the eTicket is a document that helps us to identify the passenger and then to make a claim on his / her behalf.

  • The eTicket number:

Your eTicket number is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies the airline ticket that was issued to you. You can locate your ticket number with: your boarding pass which was given to you at the time of check-in; or on your eTicket receipt which is issued to you by e-mail when the flight reservation is made.

  • The booking reference:

If you received an eTicket via e-mail, your booking reference is the six character alphanumeric code that appears on the right of the booking reference field.

Why should I specify all the planned and actual flights?

It is necessary to specify all the planned and actual flights in order to establish the delay at arrival.

With this information, RefundMyTicket can identify if you are eligible to receive financial compensation and the amount of this compensation.

Which documents should I submit in order to complete my claim?

To ensure quick resolution of your claim, it is necessary to provide important supporting documents to RefundMyTicket.

If you can, please send us the boarding cards for your flight and for any replacement flights, as well as the booking confirmation.

If available, a confirmation from the airline about the delay/cancellation is also useful. In addition, photos of the departure board showing the delay/cancellation or press releases can help.

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What happens with my personal data?

RefundMyTicket holds all personal data in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy, pursuant to Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

No document or information that you send to RefundMyTicket will be shared with a third party without your permission.  In addition, you should know that you can ask us to delete your account and your personal information.

Can I still claim if I no longer have my boarding pass?

If you booked your flight online, you should have received a confirmation e-mail about your booking (from the airline or booked site). This e-mail, once it contains the names of all passengers and the flight details, should be sufficient for RefundMyTicket to make a claim.

If you do not have a booking confirmation via e-mail, you should contact the travel agent or website via which you booked.

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Where can I find my flight number?

The flight number is commonly composed of two letters and three numbers. For an Air France flight, it will be, for example, AF459.

You can find this number on  your booking confirmation, your boarding pass and also on your luggage sticker.

I don’t find my airport’s name, what should I do?

Our database normally contains all the worldwide airports.

However, sometimes it could be difficult to find the name of the concerned airport. Here is a  tip in order to  find it easily :  You have to  Google the name of the airport and get its three letters code in Wikipedia. For example, for the Rome Fiumicino airport, it’s FCO. For Paris Orly, it will be ORY.

Questions about the claim process

We are several people on the reservation, who should claim?

You can file a claim for each passenger who was part of your booking. Then you have to tell us the number of passengers and specify the identities of each. Or any passengers under your booking can also make a claim with RefundMyTicket.

How do I follow up my claim?

For monitoring the latest developments of your claim, all you have to do is to connect into your account.

How long will my claim take?

The processing time depends on each individual case. We have had cases that were resolved within a few weeks and other cases took more than a year. It depends on each airlines’ processing policies. So it is not possible to predict how long the entire process will take. Nonetheless, our goal at RefundMyTicket is to deal with the complaint in the most efficient and fastest way.

Since I completed the claim form, I haven’t heard from you.

As soon as we have new information about your claim, we will notify you immediately by e-mail. However, if you do not receive any news from us, then it is likely that nothing has happened with your claim yet. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

The stage of my claim in my personal area hasn’t changeg for a long while, what should I do?

As soon as your case progresses, we will send you an e-mail to inform you. If your personal area did not change, it is due to the fact that we are expecting some form of response from the airline. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

What are the documents you require to claim on my behalf?

So that our legal department can validate your eligibility and claim on your behalf, we need:

  • Supporting documents: A copy of your reservation confirmation and/or your boarding pass; a document showing us the number of the rebooked flight.                                                                                                           
  • The power of attorney: This document allows RefundMyTicket to make a claim on your behalf.   
  • A copy of your ID or passport: This document is necessary to ensure the identity of the person using our services.
  • Additional documents (invoices, receipts): These documents are required to obtain a refund in case of additional costs generated by the delay, cancellation or denied boarding.    

What do I do if the airline contacts me directly?

Sometimes, the airline will contact you as soon as they receive news of your claim in order to persuade you to accept a reduced sum. In this case, you must inform RefundMyTicket as soon as possible.

Can I still claim if my flight was delayed or cancelled more than 2 years ago?

The relevant EU Regulation does not provide a limitation period for making a claim. For this reason, the time limit depends on national legislation. This means that if you were a victim of a cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight a year ago, you can still claim.

At RefundMyTicket, we can make a claim on your behalf for a flight that took place up to five years ago.

Will RefundMyTicket take every case to Court?

RefundMyTicket itself will not take any case to court. However, if all the steps of the amicable procedure are exhausted without satisfactory resolution, our legal partners will assess the relevance of taking your claim to court. If necessary, we will put you in touch with our lawyers.

How to communicate with RefundMyTicket?

Our team is working hard to better and facilitate its customers relationship.

You can communicate with us by email or with the ClickDesk present on the bottom of our website. But we don’t communicate by email.

Questions about your rights

The company did not inform us of our compensation rights.

In accordance with EU regulation, in the event of a cancellation, delay or denied boarding, the airline company is obliged to inform passengers about their rights. But in practice, airlines often chose to not inform their passengers. Even if they do, it does not mean that you are not entitled to be compensated!

Go to our claim process in order to know if you are eligible

How much compensation will I receive for cancellations?

Your flight was cancelled and you decided not to take the next flight? Or you have been placed on a later or different flight?

In case of cancellation not caused by “extraordinary circumstances”, you are entitled to the following compensation:

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How much compensation will I receive for delays?

In the event of an excessively delayed flight not caused by extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to the following compensation:

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How much compensation will I receive for denied boarding?

If your flight was overbooked and you were not allowed to board, this is a case of denied boarding against your will. Thus, you are eligible to receive compensation. The amounts are as follows:

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I missed a connection due to a delayed/cancelled flight. What can I claim?

If you missed your connection, you can claim for:

  • the reimbursement of your ticket within seven days
  • a free return flight to your point of departure
  • a re-routing to your destination under the same conditions as soon as possible or at a later date
  • a financial compensation. You can claim up to 600€.

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Does the EU regulation only apply to flights within the EU or to international flights too?

EU regulation n°261/2004 applies to:

  • all flights départing from EU airports
  • all flights arriving at EU airports that are operated by EU airlines

So, the present regulation is not limited to EU flights. If your final destination is situated in an EU territory with a flight operated with a community airline, do not hesitate to make a claim with RefundMyTicket.

What is the purpose of European Regulation n°261/2004?

EU Regulation n° 261/2004 sets out a common European standard for compensation of airline passengers who have suffered overbooking, cancellations and significant delays. This text compels airlines to pay compensation to passengers for the prejudice suffered

Some of your flights have been cancelled, overbooked or delayed in the past years?

You could be entitled to a compensation of up to €600!

Claim now!