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  • How big is the compensation I can expect?
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  • Instant feedback

    Instant feedback

    Get instant feedback

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    you can expect

  • No wasted time

    No wasted time

    Our process takes only

    3 min, then we handle

    all the paperwork, phone calls and, if necessary, put you in contact with our legal network

  • No win, no fee

    No win, no fee

    We won’t charge you

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  • Best rates

    Best rates

    We only take an 18% fee

    (VAT included)

    for the whole process

They already got refunded

  • client

    Leonia, Croatia

    " We stayed 9hours waiting at the CDG airport before being rebooked. This missed day of holiday turned me crazy enough, so I decided to do some researches. Quickly, I have been led to I found their service quite simple and clear, so I decided to do my claim through it. At the beginning, my husband made fun of me with my hope and faith in this website. But I told him we received €1200 as a compensation for my daughter, my husband and I. The jokes instantly stopped :)"



  • client

    Catherine, Canada

    "As a Freelancer, I planned to come back on Sunday to be ready to work on Monday morning. I had some emergent work to deliver 2 days later. Unfortunately - due to this one day delay - I had quite embarrassing troubles delivering my job on time to my client and I missed one important business meeting. While I was waiting at the airport, some other stuck passengers told me about RefundMyTicket. I didn't know this kind of service because - unfortunately - we don't have such a regulation in Canada. So I decided to let claiming on my behalf as I had some other emergencies and didn't know how to proceed. Several weeks later, I did receive my compensation of €600!"


    Air France

  • client

    Sam, USA

    "Since we have moved to the U.S. we often travel back to France to visit Family. Last May, my wife traveled a few days earlier than I did with my infant son. It was fortunate she did, as I got stuck at the San Francisco Airport for 9 hours! When I arrived in Paris I shared my misfortune with a friend who told me about companies that provide help in obtaining refunds for canceled or delayed flights. I looked it up and found to be the most affordable one out there! I am very pleased with the service and highly recommend it!"


    Air France

  • client

    Aurélien, France

    I regularly do round trips from Paris to Copenhagen for week-ends since my girl friend lives there. That time, I arrived at destination with 8 hours delay. So I only slept one night there before I had to come back home in Paris. I heard that we could be indemnified for some very important delays. So I made some Google researchs and found I wondered: what could happen testing this? So I tried it! After having filled their form, I had 2 mail exchanges with their team and one day, I received an email to alert me that I received €250 on my bank account. It actually paid a new whole week end with my girlfriend...



Some of your flights have been cancelled, overbooked or delayed in the past years?

You could be entitled to a compensation of up to €600!

Claim now!