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  • Delayed Flight outside the European Union or with a non-EU airline

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    One of our main objectives at RefundMyTicket is to help you to get familiar with n° 261/2004 regulation. Reading our articles make you understand that the EU Law is very conducive for air passengers enabling them to receive anything from a free meal to a payout of hundreds of euros.

    So if your flight is for example delayed, then, under EU rules, airlines shall provide you care and assistance but also and, above all, a compensation if you meet some specific conditions.

    This prompts us to highlight two questions:

    Am I entitled to a compensation for a delayed flight whose departure or destination is in a country outside the EU?

    Firstly, you should know that EU regulation on passenger rights covers many more circumstances that you might imagine. So yes, even if your delayed flight’s departure or destination is outside EU, you might be entitled to receive a financial compensation. Which is a good news, don’t you think?

    First case: The final destination of your flight is outside the EU

    Indeed, European legislator decides in 2004 to extend the protection for all flights departing from a State Member. Which means that even if your destination is Brasilia or São Paulo, you have a right to compensation in case of delay. In that case, you should consider getting help to enforce your rights with RefundMyTicket. Our experts in passenger rights can handle your claim in order to get your money back from the airline.

    Second case: The departure of your flight is outside the EU

    Nevertheless, if your flight’s departure is located in a third country airport, it is then necessary that the final destination of the flight is situated in the territory of a EU Member State and operated by a Community carrier. For example, a flight departing from Tokyo to Paris with a german company is covered by the present regulation. Modafinil 200 mg online

    So if you have suffered from a delayed flight whose departure or arrival destination is outside the EU, you might be entitled to indemnification ranging from €250 to €600 per person depending on the specific conditions of flights. The combination of destination or origin and the flight distance allows the calculation of the amount due to you by the airline. However, according to EU rulings, the delay at the arrival of the final destination has to be of at least 3 hours.

    What are my rights if my delayed flight is with a non-EU airline?

    Secondly, it is important to not give up a possible claim thinking that you are not covered by the EU regulation because the latter has set up a protection for passengers covering a patchwork of different situations. Phentermine 37.5 mg for sale

    Thus, the EU regulation ensure to passengers a right to compensation regardless of the airline nationality as long as the departure of the flight is situated on EU territory. To the contrary, passengers departing from an airport located in a third country to an airport situated in the territory of a EU Member State with a non-Community carrier are not protected by the present regulation.

    About RefundMyTicket

    Only 5% of eligible passengers claim their rights. Others, often misinformed or discouraged by multiple of obstacles just give up. And so, it is more than 1.7 million of passengers that annually abandon € 500 million to the airline companies. Nearly €5 billion unclaimed since the introduction of the EU legislation n°261/2004.

    At RefundMyTicket, we are determined to enforce the rights of passengers around the world. So, our mission is to help passengers get their money back for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. In that regard, we take the necessary steps to obtain the refunds due by the airline companies, in line with the regulatory framework currently in force

    You could be one such passenger, check if you’re eligible here.

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