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  • The most unusual reasons of flight delays

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    Many flights are delayed. Usually it’s due to a technical problem, a strike or a meteorological issue. Sometimes, passengers faced some awkward situations!

    We specially picked for your the best stories of the last years.


    An TAAG Angola Airlines plane had to make a stop in Porto just after its departure from Lisbon. The crew was informed about the possibility that a ground worker was trapped in the cargo hold.

    The pilot, who had to go to Angola, decided to stop in Porto airport. The ground worker was found in the cargo hold with hypothermia. He was taken directly to the hospital. Apparently, he fell and become unconscious while he was loading passengers’ pets.


    In Kuala Lumpur, a flight was delayed of 24 hours because some members of the crew went surfing in Bali.

    During their stop in Kuala Lumpur, a part of the crew decide to go to Bali in order to surf for a couple of hours before their flight back to Paris. But a volcano erupted in Java and they were stuck in Bali after their flight cancellation.

    The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paris was delayed because there wasn’t enough crew members to fly.


    A drunk pilot

    Last August, a Sri Lankan airline pilot tried to fly from Frankfurt (Germany) to Colombo (Sri Lanka). But he felt at the breath analyser because he was drunk.

    The crew decided to get him out of the plane, and they struggled to find another captain. But finally, the 274 passengers of the plane succeeded to fly to Colombo. And the pilot was condemned by the airline.


    A van hits a plane of Dragon Air

    Last September, a Dragonair A330 airplane had barely started its departure that it collided a van in the Hong Kong airport runway.

    The pilot went into the driver’s side but shortly stopped. The pictures are impressive, we let you see it by yourself here. The driver was taken to the hospital and the flight was delayed of 3 hours.


    Enter Air was recently condemned to pay €1.1 billion for night sound nuisance in the Parisian Charles de Gaulle airport. A bailiff decided to immobilize an aircraft of the Polish airline to get the payment. It lasted 5 hours until the airline decided to finally pay.



    During a WastJet flight from Cuba to Toronto (Canada), a passenger had 4 iguanas in his luggage at the departure.

    Only 2 were in the suitcase at his arrival in Toronto. The luggage hold was then fumigated to prevent the lizards to damage the aircraft. An operation that delayed the following flight.



    The British Airways flight departing from London Heathrow has been rerouted to Brussel 30 min after its take off. The reason: an insane smell flowing out from the toilets and spread into the plane cabin. Due to the strength of the fool odor and regarding the remaining flight time, the captain should have come back to Heathrow.


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