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  • An Airbus in the Aegean Sea

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    Airbus in Eagean Sea


    Turkey innovates in term of tourism!

    Indeed, the country sank a A300 Airbus aged of 36 year-old in the Aegean Sea. But why sinking a plane in the sea?

    Simply because the fact of sinking a plane into the water will create an artificial reef around it. And not a small one, a reef of 54m x 44m.

    It aims to boost tourism in this region of Turkey, off Kusadasi. And especially for the scuba divers who will be able to see the new reef shortly.


    Scuba diving


    This is not the first time that Turkey is doing it, because the past few years, three small planes were sunk.

    An original way to boost tourism in this region that greatly needs it.

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