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  • 8 tips to better travel on long-haul flights

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    Plane in the sky


    1) Choose a seat far away from the bathrooms: These are the loudest seats. Moreover, you’ll avoid the potential bad smells and people falling on your seat.


    2) Never join a security queue with many kids in: It’ll go much more quicker with a queue made of “suits” men and women.


    3) Eat a good meal before going on board: It could be the best way to feel sleepy just after entering in the plane.


    4) Suit up a hoodie: What is more confortable and to sleep well and don’t get cold?


    Inside a plane


    5) Bring another top: As the hoodie, it could help you if you get cold. And if you sweat during the flight, it could be great to change your top in order to feel better!


    6) Do not bring too much things on board: Unless you travel on first-class, you won’t have much space on your feet. The smaller your bag is, the more space you’ll have for your feet.


    7) Do not forget to bring some ear plugs: It could be useful if a baby is sitting next to you, it could be much more useful if your neighbor use to snore.


    8) Take care of you: You shouldn’t avoid to drink water and eat sufficiently during the flight.


    If you want more advices, you can go on: skyscanner and airlineupdates.

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