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  • Report: Flight delays are increasing

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    The Eurocontrol’s October report confirms that air traffic continue to grow. Compared to October 2014, there was a 1.2% increase in daily flights. On these last five months (June to October) the largest increase of monthly flights has been recorded, exceeding the previous record of 2011.

    Nevertheless, the number of delays is not proportional to the flights but much higher … In October 2015, 20% of flights have been delayed by more than 15 minutes, whereas in 2014 they were only 18.7%. This represents an average of 5650 flights per day in 2015 against 5220 in October 2014. In summary, the increase of delays is around 8%, while traffic is 1.5%.

    The activity of the Top 10 airlines represents approximately 36% of all daily flights today. Of the 10, only 5 were in growth this year: Alitalia (13,3%), Turkish (11.3%,) Ryanair (9,3%), EasyJet (5,8%) and British Airways (2.5%).. But for the remaining 5, the number of operated flights declined perceptibly.

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