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  • 10 (almost) abandoned airports

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    Whether because of the war, major economic changes or environmental conditions, many buildings are abandoned by we, humans worldwide. And airports are no exception to the rule. Here is a list of 10 of them, rehabilitated or destroyed :

    10. Berlin Tempelhof – Germany

    Formerly known and recognized as the largest building that man has ever built (before the Pentagon), it was closed to passengers in 2008, 85 years after its opening. Today it is the largest park in Berlin. The various terminals have been built and now host many events through the year.


    9. Castellon-Costa Azhar Airport – Spain

    This airport is a somewhat special case. Opened in 2011 near Valencia, its construction cost nearly 150 million euros. However, not a single plane landed there or even took off …


    The picture below shows a statue was erected in honor of Carlos Fabra. Politician and entrepreneur, Fabra is now involved in various court cases to influence peddling, corruption and tax fraud. This airport can not be used until these cases are resolved.


    8. Nicosia International Airport – Cyprus

    Major Mediterranean hub until the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974, this airport died because of the cease-fire imposed by the UN at the time. The place is desert today, a real ghost town.

    7. Don Quijote Airport – Spain

    Built in the mid 90s, it is the first “private” airport in Spain (the others all belong to the State). It closed its doors in April 2012. The reason for its abandonment is mainly its location, which is anything but convenient. At over two hours car and 50 minutes by high speed rail, they could have thought of that before …


    6. Ellinikon International Airport – Greece

    Greek main airport for a long time, it remained open from 1938 to 2001. After being captured by the Germans during the war, it became the central airport of Olympic Airlines. Unfortunately it went bankrupt and closed. You can still see some planes owned by the company on the premises, which are just like this place, abandoned.


    5. El Torro Marine Air Station – California

    Used as a base of operations by US Marines, this gigantic airport opened in 1943. It closed in 1999 due to budget restrictions.
    It features 4 tracks two of which are 2,4km long and 3km long for the two others, which now serve as test tracks to the team “Top Gear USA”. Please note that it served as a filming location for the movie “Independence Day” starring Will Smith.

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    4. Floyd Bennett Field – New York

    The “Floyd Bennett Field” was the first municipal airport of New York City. He began to be used in 1931 until the opening of the Newark airport in New Jersey in 1972.


    He was rehabilitated in park after being stored for some time by the US Coast Guard.


    3. Gaza International Airport – Palestine

    With over 700 000 passengers per year, it did not make old bones since it opened for only 3 years. In 2001, the Israeli army destroyed its control tower and damaged most of its buildings. Shortly after, the airport runway system was wiped off the map. Today, the remaining building stand in silence, as a symbol of the torments that continue to haunt the region.


    2. Johnston Atoll Airport – Somewhere in the Pacific

    Located 1400 km away from Hawaii, this small island of 1,300 hectares has housed a naval air military base that was used during the Second World War. It is now completely empty and used as a wildlife refuge.
    The only way to set foot is to have special permission of the US government.


    1. Stapleton International Airport – Colorado

    This airport has been for seven decades considered as one of the main hubs of the Middle America. Operational from 1929 to 1995, it finally closed when the Denver International Airport opened.
    In 1997, a terrible storm devastated the area. There remains only the control tower, scanning the desert, and part of the building supporting it, the rest collapsed.

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