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    Luggage Hacks
    The indispensable element of your travel is at the heart of everything we do today. Whether large or small, flexible, rigid, with or without wheels, polycarbonate or nylon, it comes to be (very) well informed to deal with all eventualities.

    Ask about the airline standards !

    Allow about 20kg for your checked baggage. To save a few grams, I address the more motivated, you can still wear the heaviest clothes on you.
    If you take a cabin baggage, know that in general, the standard weight is 10kg and its limited size 55 * 45 * 25cm.
    Note that some low-cost airlines charge a checked luggage and that it is cheaper to pay in advance only once on site. In addition, the limits for the dimensions of the cabin may be more restrictive than the international standards. So to avoid having to check your luggage and pay, be sure you know the standards before leaving.
    Then there is no point spending all your inheritance in a high-tech lock knowing that it is very simple to open a zipper with a pen. If you really want, choose a small one.

    Optimize your luggage, pack strategically


    We do not put his phone charger (precious) in the middle of his suitcase, or even liquid products. You could loose time out to the screening area, or worse, being mistaken for a terrorist.
    Fill your boots with socks, underwear or anything. This is an obvious space saving and it will let your shoes do not deform.
    I also advise you to be very careful with your fragile items. If you have seen the video of this suitcase browsing the halls of Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, you have probably already guessed.
    If you prefer watching a video tutorial, take a look at this one created by the Heathrow Airport.

    Forewarned …

    Finally, as I have already paid the price (and I can assure you that this is not very nice), do not put anything that is essential in your suitcase! Although official figures announce that 2% of lost luggage, if it is lost, you certainly will be too.
    Keep your computer, your camera, your chargers, your toilet bag and possibly a pair of socks and underpants that will make you no harm if the worst comes to the worst. Believe me…
    The only solution if you can get away with, it is ultimately to take only hand luggage.

    Speaking of the worst

    If your luggage meets absent or arrives in shreds on the carpet, do not hesitate for a second and you could complain to the airline baggage service by filling in the form provided in the arrival airport.
    Please note: the Montreal Convention leaves the traveler within 21 days to file a baggage claim. If the company does not return it quickly, you will have to send the form to the customer service of the airline with the photocopies of tickets, boarding passes received a letter stating the lost and all the bills that you can find.
    Also the Convention limits any compensation to € 1,200 per passenger. If you feel the value of your suitcase and its contents beyond, opt for insurance against loss and theft.

    Now you’re ready to take off.
    Hope you will not need the last paragraph …

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