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  • Airport Therapy Dogs

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    We can all agree on this : flying is not easy. Before, after, during, everything comes together to make this experience, not bad, but far from pleasant. And the worst part is the airport …
    Fortunately for us, some of them are creative. Indeed, some had the idea of dogs available for travelers to make that moment less stressful ! What could be more soothing than those hairballs that your children will certainly adore.
    These little four-legged friends have been specially trained to interact with the crowds and are all accredited to pass security as any other ground agent.
    From Miami to San Jose, there are several teams “PUP” Pets Unstressing Passengers. Today we made you discover a few of them :

    Casey, Miami International Airport


    Casey is a 7 year old Golden Retriever who according to his profile, loves swimming, eats, chases cats, runs, eats, puts his head out the window of the bus and finally eats.

    Henry James, San Jose Mineta Airport


    Henry is one of the 13 PUPs in the San Jose airport, California. This 5 years old Golden Retriever works every Monday for almost 5 years now ! It is said that Mineta was one of the first airports to use the PUPs, right after September 11th.

    Chance, Los Angeles International Airport


    This young 3 years old Husky is working in one of the noisiest airports in the world. But he does it very well, by the way, according to his owners, he was born to do this.

    The Berner Brigade, Will Rogers Airport


    Finally, a duo, Gus and Bailey, also called Berner brigade. These two cousins are working together for some time and have never parted since they walk the aisles of the Oklahoma City airport.

    If you did not like the airplane, it may perhaps be reconciled to. If in addition you are allergic to dogs, forget this story, the plane is not for you.

    source : travelandleisure

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