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  • The 8 most unusual luggage (someone tried to register)

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    Unusual Luggage

    We all know the hassle of baggage at the airport, when it has not already started at home. We know how important it is that they are methodically prepared, ready for all eventualities. But apparently some people do not have this problem … Far from the stress of their luggage, they have only one motto : on a misunderstanding, it goes !

    Here is a list of the most unusual baggage of the passengers attempted to register :

    1. A bathtub :

    there is always someone who stinks when I take the subway. The woman who brought it to JFK must have thought it was the same with the plane.

    2. A suitcase filled with sand and sea water :

    brought from Granada, this is a rare souvenir ! Maybe the owners wanted to keep the feet in the sand to their home.

    3. A dead cow wrapped in plastic :

    ideal for barbecues.

    4. A coconut tree :

    the top for tropical shade, even in Paris.

    5. Giant cheese wheels :

    a big fan of the french home produce.

    6. A tarantula hidden in a cloak :

    funny stowaway.

    7. A car engine :

    in case one engine fails …

    8. A bag full of covers :

    yes yes, knives and forks, that a man would have stolen during a previous flight.

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