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  • How to properly hack your trip

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    To make flying suck less…
    Airport Hacks


    The Check-In

    – Do it Online
    – Queue close to the business desk
    – Get a private jet ! No, seriously. Private jet operators do offer incredibly cheap seats on their aircraft.

    The Screening Area

    – Pack strategically
    – Pick the left line
    – Know the rules
    – Empty your pockets. You’re queueing for security, not groceries, so don’t have anything on your person that you don’t absolutely need at that point !

    The Long Wait

    – Your gate is your castle
    – Bring a power splitter. They’re lightweight, cheap and carry the added benefit of helping you make new friends.
    – Use headphones… for silence
    – Excersise


    – Don’t rush the gate. You have your seat – the plane’s not gonna leave without you.
    – Be the last to board the plane

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