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  • He signed thanks to a delayed flight

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    Wilkins Hornets Delayed Flight

    Sometimes it’s good to be delayed

    If you are not a fan of NBA, that name probably means nothing to you. Having not played in the famous league for two years, Damien Wilkins, nephew of Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins, had a future far from certain.
    But it was without counting the “work of God”, in the player words, or rather “the legendary organization of airlines”, according to ours.

    “Do not take this flight!”

    As he was to join Venezuela to integrate his new club, Damien Wilkins takes the plane from Atlanta to Charlotte to take his connecting flight. Except that arrived on site, he is told that his flight was delayed … Bad news. As the pincer hunger, he decided to order food. Once served, the phone rings, it’s his agent.
    “Damien, do not take this flight! “He said enthusiastically before telling him that the famous Charlotte Hornets team is ready to make him pass the trials. For him, no doubt, “This is the fate […] I should already be in Venezuela but that was not what God wanted. ”
    Wilkins is optimistic. This delayed flight would probably allow him to regain faith and earn a place in the Hornets workforce. Even though he knows he will have to work hard to convince its leaders!

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