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  • Kerosene Leak

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    Delayed flight

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    Delayed flight, again …

    This Monday, October 5, an aircraft of the company Luxair to Porto remained stuck on the ground. The Boeing 737-700, which was to take off from Luxembourg-Findel Airport at 6:05 was delayed for a few hours.
    The reason: “a simple kerosene leak” as said the technicians who still took some time to find the source of the failure…

    And it’s not the only one !

    This delayed flight follows the arrest last Saturday of Findel activities. Indeed, the airport had stopped working from 9am to 11am. Three round trips to Zurich, London and Munich were cancelled. In addition, 6 flights from and to Luxembourg were delayed that day.
    In case, a hole on the runway deemed unsafe. It took interrupt the traffic in order to patch it.

    You have planned a departure or an arrival by plane from Luxembourg ? Beware. It seems this is not the right time ! However, if you encounter a problem on your next flight to Luxembourg, do not hesitate and come and fill out our claim form.

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