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  • Released tarantula delays a flight

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    Spiders on board

    This Thursday, September 24, a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta was delayed more than 3 hours for a rather original reason.
    Just before the aircraft takes off, a tarantula was found in the baggage compartment. It was well within the “passengers” of this aircraft but would have escaped from its box.

    ” That’s a story “

    Delta Company said it was not forbidden to carry tarantulas provided they are in a authorized travel cage.
    However, it did not give details about the escape of the arachnid. However the owner wanted to reassure everyone and said there was only one. The device was finally stuck on the ground all night, time for airport staff to get their hands on this famous passenger.
    The travellers were replaced aboard another plane to continue the journey after more than three hours of waiting. A passenger who was going to a wedding commented after the incident, “it will give me a story to tell the other guests.” .

    Whose fault is it ?

    The question of compensation may arise here. The big question remains: who is responsible? Airport staff? One of the company? Owner’s fault? We certainly will never answer …
    In any case, if this were to happen in Europe, the situation is rather exceptional to plebiscite for the intervention of a court.

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