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  • Zurich airport: Collision on the tarmac

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    The accident

    Thursday, September 17 at Zurich airport, a Swiss airline company aircraft was manoeuvring to reach the runway.
    While it was turning back, he struck with its left wing the removable staircase that had served to raise the passengers! Result, the wing was cracked. Fortunately for passengers and crew, nobody was hurt.


    But now, what is it? Forgotten ground staff? Attempted sabotage?
    The Board of the Swiss airline said after the incident: “Our investigators are on site and are trying to understand the exact circumstances of the accident.” She adds that the amount of the damage is still unknown …
    The passengers finally took off 1:30 later on a new device to avoid any risk.


    In any case, if they have had more than 3 hours late, they could be compensated. The presence of a gateway, although very rare on the tarmac (fortunately) is not an extraordinary circumstance. Now you couldn’t say you didn’t know.

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