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  • Spain: Controllers strike action

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    To protest against the sanctions imposed on colleagues, the Spanish controllers take drastic steps.

    The source of discontent

    This decision was taken following the sanctions imposed by the airport authorities ENAIRE to 61 controllers. Based in Barcelona, they were accused of sabotage in the social movement of December 2010 which had literally paralyzed airspace and left as many as 200,000 passengers on the tile. There were totally 175 controllers who had been prosecuted for “sedition”. But 20 of the 22 seized courts concluded that there was no disobedience or abandonment of post.

    The movement

    The Spanish air traffic will be somewhat disrupted 26 September and 3 October 2015. Indeed, the USCA (Union Sindical de Controladores Aereos), the leading Spanish air traffic controllers’ union (90% of the profession) called for a massive strike.
    It was originally scheduled in August but was cancelled for not blocking travelers during the summer.
    The notice, filed late last week, so provides a two-day action during which the controllers do not hold office from 6am to 6pm.
    Recall that for the same reasons, they had already been four days of strikes in June and July 2015.

    Compensate or not to compensate …

    Finally, as usual, few handy tips for all travelers who would have loved to be on Spanish soil at those dates. Already you will have to get closer to your companies to be rebooked as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary stress on D-Day.
    About compensation strictly speaking, this time it’s not an option. Indeed this situation is not eligible. No company can not be liable for any damages … Too bad.

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