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  • Brussels Airport: Flight cancelled for terrorist threat

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    The events took place Saturday, September 5 at the beginning of the afternoon. Nobody could doubt what would happen to board the plane MS 726 Egyptair.
    The craft was to take off at around 3:55 p.m. … But at the departure time, no permission is given to the airline crew. “We were kept well away from the plane and everything was minimized. But we have seen police officers around the plane and brought police dogs in the unit. We heard that this had given nothing,” said then a passenger, quoted on the website of Dutch newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

    A suspicious passenger

    “Given the uncertainties about a passenger and as a precaution, the flight can not take off to allow the security services to carry an expanded control,” police said, without giving further details. Indeed, while they were on board, a suspect passenger allegedly threatened that “something would happen”. Questioned by the police, that person was already under the supervision of the Belgian security services. Moreover, the presence of a European diplomat on the flight has certainly pushed the Belgian officials to take no risks.
    The flight was finally cancelled in the evening and passengers distributed in other companies airplanes. The federal police and airport management company preferred not to make any statements immediately and remained unreachable for some time after the incident.

    Exceptional circumstance

    Obviously this mishap is absolutely not in the list of eligible situations according to regulation 261/2004. Besides better to arrive late than exploding during the flight ! Instead of being refunded, the passengers will certainly have a great story to tell to the next family meal.

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