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  • Lufthansa strike reconducted: you are still entitled to a compensation in case of delay or cancellation

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    While 84 long-haul flights were cancelled yesterday, Pilot strike is reconducted !

    Not one, not two, not 84… But 1,000

    “The possibility of a new strike can’t be excluded..” announced on Tuesday the spokesman of the pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit.

    Indeed, no less than 1000 short and medim-haul flights have been cancelled today.

    Despite the strike Lufthansa airline still managed to maintain 500 flights out of 1520 scheduled.

    Legal prosecution and compensation

    Since the beginning of this social fight both parties never agreed on something. Now expected losses represent about 100 millions euros for Lufthansa, which is engaged in a cost savings policy in order to face low cost airlines like Ryanair.

    That’s why yesterday it tried to make the strike prohibited, unsuccessfully. But it has appealed to that judgement and the Court held today that this social movement was illegal.

    “Collateral damages”

    Even if the german airline company tried to warn as many persons as possible, 140,000 passengers are left behind because of this reconduction. Fortunately all these travellers are entitled to a compensation as per regulation 261/2004 in case of delay or cancellation due to this strike. In other words the indemnification total amount would represent close to 45 millions euros which could be added to the Lufthansa final bill.

    As a consequence if you faced a delay of more than 3 hours at your arrival, compared to the booked flight, start claiming at:

Some of your flights have been cancelled, overbooked or delayed in the past years?

You could be entitled to a compensation of up to €600!

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