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  • Passengers’ Rights: A court decision that could cost a lot to Ryan Air!

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    Photograph: Isopix/REX for the Guardian Isopix/REX/Guardian

    Photograph: Isopix/REX for the Guardian Isopix/REX/Guardian

    The court just rendered his decision : Ryan Air will have to respect the 6 years legal prescription period in the UK in case of delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight !

    The Terms & Conditions turns “Null and Void”

    The mention was written “black on white” in the Terms & Conditions of the company and stipulated precisely 2 years of maximum delay to claim. However the Manchester Court reminded to the airline the law is over any Terms and Conditions written by a company. And so it was “null and void” !

    This decision could mean €800M more in claims for Ryan Air

    Of cours Ryan Air is going to appeal against this decision as it could become a big deal ! Actually, if all additional passengers who could claim decide to do so, it could mean more than €800M additional compensation the company would have to pay.

    People must not be aware of this !

    Well, let us stay reasonable. Even if this press communicate promote this decision only 5% passengers who could claim usually do. So the impact would be moderate. However the goal now for the company is to keep this news under the rug…

    A judgement for all companies !

    As this court decision against Ryan Air will set a precedent, this will impact all airlines which will be sued to UK courts. We can easily imagine how airlines are now scared by UK legal environment…

    Source : Le monde

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