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FAQ in case of delayed flight

How much compensation will I receive for a delayed flight?

In the event of an excessively delayed flight not caused by extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to the following compensation:
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The delay of my flight made me lose some already paid services, can I get a refund?

Sometimes, a cancellation, delay or denied boarding can generate significant damage such as the loss of paid services.

If this happens, you have the opportunity to apply for a reimbursement in addition to the compensation due to you following the cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight.

In this case, it is necessary to send to RefundMyTicket proof of the services paid for, such as invoices, hotel booking confirmations, etc…


Can I still claim if my flight was delayed more than 2 years ago?

The relevant EU Regulation does not provide a limitation period for making a claim. For this reason, the time limit depends on national legislation. This means that if you were a victim of a cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight a year ago, you can still claim.

At RefundMyTicket, we can make a claim on your behalf for a flight that took place up to five years ago.

The delay of my flight generated additional expenses, can I get refunded for them too ?

The European regulation n°261/2004 defines the airline must assist and take care of their passengers in case of a more than 2H delay. As an example, the passengers should get some beverages and food every 4H for free.

However, if the airline do not take care properly of their passengers during this delay period, they will be committed to refund all the extra costs the passengers will have pay themselves to drink, eat, accommodate or travel.

Of course the passengers will definitely have to provide the matching invoices & bills of their expenses to expect any refunds by the airline during their claim.


What are the documents you require to claim on my behalf for this delayed flight?

So that our legal department can validate your eligibility and claim on your behalf, we need:

  • Supporting documents: A copy of your reservation confirmation and/or your boarding pass; a document showing us the number of the rebooked flight.                                                                                                           
  • The power of attorney: This document allows RefundMyTicket to make a claim on your behalf.   
  • A copy of your ID or passport: This document is necessary to ensure the identity of the person using our services.
  • Additional documents (invoices, receipts): These documents are required to obtain a refund in case of additional costs generated by the delay.    

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