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  • The supporting documents you should provide for your claim

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    In case of cancellation, delays, downgrades and denied boarding, you may be entitled to some compensation.

    But being eligible is sadly not sufficient cause the path to obtaining the money your are eligible to be a rough path cluttered with obstacles. That’s why Refundmyticket is here to help you and taking care of your claim in order to obtain fastly and more efficiently your compensation.

    In this article, we present the kind of documents the passenger should provide to us according to various situations occurring to him.

    In case of cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight…

    For a quick action on issues, it is necessary that the passenger provides to Refundmyticket some supporting information proving that he actually travelled in the airplane that was delayed, cancelled or overbooked.

    Supporting documents as a copy of your initial eTicket, booking confirmation by email or a boarding pass will allow our legal team to process your request. Only one of this information will be enough!

    In case of rebooked flight…

    In some cases, there could be an alternative flight. In such scenarios, the passenger should forward also the flight number he has been rebooked in (and/or, the eTicket or the confirmation by email or boarding pass). One of these documents is sufficient!

    In case of additional expenses generated by cancelled, delayed or denied boarding flight…

    Moreover, you should also know that in some situations, you might be eligible to other financial compensation.

    Indeed, it is frequently the case that airlines derogate from their obligations of care and assistance. When it does happen, passengers will be forced to personally incur additional costs such as meals, refreshments, transport and/or hotel accommodations when necessary.

    When those types of expenses are generated by delay, cancellation or denied boarding, supporting documents might be required: those include purchase invoices, ticket, receipts etc.

    The team of RefundMyTicket remains willing to provide all assistance you may need in case you are facing a situation of cancelled, delayed or denied boarding flight.

    About RefundMyTicket

    Only 5% of eligible passengers claim their rights. Others, often misinformed or discouraged by multiple of obstacles just give up. And so, it is more than 1.7 million of passengers that annually abandon € 500 million to the airline companies. Nearly €5 billion unclaimed since the introduction of the EU legislation n°261/2004.

    At RefundMyTicket, we are determined to enforce the rights of passengers around the world. So, our mission is to help passengers get their money back for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. In that regard, we take the necessary steps to obtain the refunds due by the airline companies, in line with the regulatory framework currently in force

    You could be one such passenger, check if you’re eligible here.

Some of your flights have been cancelled, overbooked or delayed in the past years?

You could be entitled to a compensation of up to €600!

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