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Airlines and airport ranking 2017 according to their operational reliability

Punctuality score estimation (forthcoming)

Punctuality in air is one of the main important concerns for RefundMyTicket. So, we decide to assess airlines` reliability by recording their respect of schedule (delays and cancellations).

The score we offer is based on a five stars notation in order to estimate the trust you can have in each airlines comparing to their others at one precise moment. This notation allows you to choose your flight with the more intelligence as possible.

Eligibility compensation rate estimation

RefundMyTicket is helping passengers who are victim of flight cancellations and/ or delays. It was essential for us to offer you the possibility to choose your flight and airline according to the eligibility rate.

This eligibility rate is the sum of the rate of more than 3 hours delays and cancellation’s rate. It allows estimating the risk passengers will have to be in one of these situation, and so to be eligible to a compensation according EU regulation n°261/2004, depends of the airline and the airport.

It also allows airlines and airports to compare their quality and reliability with each other.

Rank Companies Rate of compensation entitlement Trend Rate of +1h delay Rate of +3h delay Cancellation rate
Rank Companies Rate of compensation entitlement Trend Rate of +1h delay Rate of +3h delay Cancellation rate

Source : RefundMyTicket / OAG



Airport punctuality rate calculation (forthcoming)

The airport punctuality rate is a rate that permits to compare an airport with the 50 biggest airports in Europe.


Airline punctuality rate calculation (forthcoming)

The airline punctuality rate assesses the punctuality of the chosen airline compared by all the other airlines, which had at least one flight in Europe.


Compensation rate calculation

The compensation rate is equal at cancellation rate + more than 3h delays of the chosen airport or airline for a year. So it doesn’t count overbooking and missed connections for less than 3h delays

Free access to our API

This data, and Walt’air’s data are available on request through an API at api(at)

We are happy to share thoses datas with our OTA partners or MegaSearch in order to help passenger in their purchase choice.

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