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  • Air France: unions don’t exclude strikes on October

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    The reasons of the wrath

    On September 4, the management of the company announced a 10% reduction of its long-haul network by 2017. Decision which should lead to a wave of job cuts if Air France does not reach an agreement with the sailors by the end of the month.

    Management would set up a schedule of meetings with the staff representatives in anticipation of the Board Air France – KLM held on 1 and 2 October. Despite all that, the three unions CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO, determined not to miss any layoffs or lower wages, are ready for any eventuality.

    Dig up the hatchet

    “If management were to announce a heavy layoffs phase, as expected, it would be a declaration of war,” said Ronald Noirot, secretary general of the CFE-CGC, first union of the company. He reportedly said in that case anticipate a major strike after the CEC (central works council) of 5 October during which the measures are expected from management. “You have to expect something very hard,” he added.

    Potential indemnity

    Whatever may be said, this strike will affect dozens of flights. But fortunately for all concerned passengers, all the delays and cancellations that will be generated will be eligible according to the 261/2004 regulation (and therefore eligible for compensation!).
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